The Chinese are famous for their big players and the 2BY2 Gaming Mandarin Fortune Slot Machine truly combines both concepts. Go to China, learn more about their customs and culture and take the opportunity to take it as a major challenge in one of the world’s gaming paradises.

Even players who are not experts in Chinese culture will immediately notice all the Asian elements of the game, from the beautiful landscapes of the intro to the background of the symbols that could hardly be created elsewhere than in China. If the Far East has always interested you, this game is for you.

2BY2 Games are not generally known for producing high-quality graphics games, but they have outdone themselves with Mandarin Fortune. The game has amazing graphics in the background of the game, as well as many well thought out symbols and quality.

Although there is little talk about the game, Mandarin Fortune has a decent way to show big winnings. The sounds in the game are scary and we would like to hear a Chinese tune playing in the background, but for the moment, this kind of feature is not part of the game.

Mandarin Fortune plays on 20 paylines on five reels. The game includes the popular Yin-Yang symbol as a wild symbol as well as Bonus Gate symbols, which trigger free spins when three are on the reels. During free spins, wild Yin-Yang symbols add multipliers, with gains of up to 27x when three wild symbols appear in the payline, offering incredible payoffs.