Online Slots are by far the most popular type of online casino game in the world. Regardless of the country where the player bets, the best online casinos around the world offer significantly more slot game titles than all other types of games. Some of the world’s most popular online casinos even offer hundreds of video slot titles.

With such a demand (as well as the supply of gaming providers), online video slot machines tend to be the central point of most bettors’ surveys of online casino games. In the hope of answering some of these questions, as well as all others whose players are not even aware, here is the complete guide to online slot games.

Guide to online slots games

Physical casinos just would not be the same without the electric humming and beeping machines. The winners jump out of joy as their winning coins vibrate against the pot of money, and synchronously pulling the lever of the old-style one-arm bandits is almost hypnotizing to see.

However, more and more players are starting to play online video slots in the comfort of their homes or on the move via their mobile devices. Online and mobile casinos are easy gaming options, so you do not have to constantly plug cards or coins into a machine.

They also have the added advantage of being available anytime and anywhere, not just in the spotlight of big cities. In this respect, online video slots are proving more convenient and user-friendly, replacing many of the tedious tasks associated with playing slot machines physically, with the click of a mouse or the touch of a mobile screen.

The most common types of online slot machines

Slot games have generally evolved significantly since the beginning of slot machines, with the switch from real-life slot machines to online slot machines offering many opportunities to continue this growth. Players can now enjoy a variety of online slots: video slots, 3D slots, progressive slots, 243 payline slots, slot machines designed to play games popular video, and even virtual reality slot machines.

Online Video Slots allow for a variety of games, from games that mimic classic slots to more sophisticated video slots. Players can also enjoy titles using 3D graphics as well as progressive slots, where the jackpot is tied to everyone who plays the same game. Whereas classic slots often use recognizable symbols from slot machines. , video slots often create their own symbols and icons based on the brand or theme on which they are set.

Most online slot machines follow the popular 25-line structure. Some of them vary slightly to the north or south, but generally stay close to this beach. But thanks to digital slot games, players can also enjoy 243 ways to win, an option not offered before the launch of online slots games. The most recent types of slot games on the market are those that reflect the most popular video game formats, but these unique formats are not yet widespread.

A number of video slot developers license existing characters for movies, TV shows and cartoons. Following the purchase of Marvel by Disney, Playtech turned to DC Comics to join a series of slot machine titles from its epic collection of characters. NetEnt slot machines are also very popular and are often among the best slots games every year.

Online slot machine operation

Understanding the subtleties of slot machines should be left to the discretion of the engineers, but a general knowledge of how the online gaming feature helps players better prepare for success when spinning the reels .

Understanding Slot Reels

The virtual “rollers” of online slot machine games are used to represent the software that randomly generates the symbol combinations of each rotation. Online slot machine symbols are not subject to the order in which they appear, but may appear in any random order chosen by the software. Although the word “reel” is used for online slot machines, it is actually an essential part of real slot machines.

The term “reel” comes from real-life slot machines that used symbols painted on (usually 3) round metal drums to represent the winning combos. Working like a gear, the reels turned until they stopped naturally with a combination of symbols on the screen. The advent of online slot machine games has eliminated the need for real reels, but the word has remained etched around.

What are payment lines?

The “payment lines”, unlike the “rolls”, do not date from the era of real slot machines. The original slot machines used the center row as a winning line, so no need to refer to them or multiply them. “Paylines” was invented to describe the different ways in which an online slot machine player can win on a spin. Online slots not only offer more than one way to win but up to 243 ways to win depending on the number of reels and the title you play.

How many rolls and paylines have online slot machines?

Classic Classic Slots had 3 reels, with a payline in the center. Online video slots have offered game designers the opportunity to develop both of these possibilities. 5-reel games have become the norm for many online casinos, while a game can offer between 1 and 243 paylines, forwards or backwards, as well as to create various diagonal forms. Some slot machines even offer more than 243 paylines, but these are rather rare.

Can you choose the number of paylines to bet?

Players can choose the number of lines they want to play and the combinations they want, as well as the amount of money to be placed on each line. A 25-payline slot machine does not mean you have to place your bet on 25, but you can choose how much, say 10 and what pay lines, say 1-5 and 20-15, you would prefer to place your bet on sure.

How much can you bet on an online slot machine game?

The amount that players can bet on an online video slot machine varies greatly, depending on what the game developer has defined as minimum and maximum, the casino that hosts the game and the currency that has been wagered. It will also depend on the number of bets that the player places on the line bet – without forgetting to multiply it by the number of activated lines.

For example, a player may choose a line bet of ten coins, playing 25 paylines, which equals 250 coins per spin. Depending on the number of symbols marked on a specific line, the gains can range from 10x to 2000x the initial bet. If a player has the chance to win two wins on the same payline, the vast majority of online video slots offer only one pay per line, thus favoring the highest payout.

Bonus Features of Slot Machine Games

In addition to winnings using only standard symbols, online video slots offer a wide variety of bonus icons and tricks, which enhance the player’s chances of success, while adding variety to playability. . The most commonly used bonuses include Scatters, Wilds and Multiplier bonuses.

  • Generic symbols : Generic symbols act as chameleons and can be substituted for other icons, which can turn a losing line into a winning line. However, do not forget that wild symbols are usually not able to replace a scatter symbol.
  • Scatter symbols : Scatter symbols are icons that do not need to appear on the payline to enable them. In most online video slots, the appearance of three, four or five scatter symbols spread across the reels will generate a bonus payout, or even launch a bonus round or free spins.
  • Multipliers : Multiplier bonus rounds can take different forms, but they end up driving a player to try to cross several rounds to increase his score. This is often then multiplied by the initial bet to reward a much higher cash prize.

Benefits of Online Slot Machines

  • More Ways to Win : The biggest benefit of Slot machines on slot machines is the sheer number of ways to win. Most standard casino slot machines only have three pay rolls with a central payline in the middle. With the reels in place, only a limited number of symbols can be struck.
  • More ways to play : Extended roll options are combined with full screen display. Thus, instead of a band on which to win, players have the opportunity to win multiple paylines, normally in the region of 20 or 30. With the addition of bonus rounds, scatter symbols and wildcard icons , some of the most modern online video slots offer players up to 243 ways to win first time.
  • Greatest chance to win : Due to the greater number of ways to win, players are naturally likely to win more than in real casinos. According to a survey of the less expensive slot machines at 5 cents Las Vegas, the slot machine with the highest score generated an average return of 93.42%.
  • Comparison of payment percentages : To compare the best and worst performing online slots, the lowest payout percentages were about as high as those of the best machines land-based casino slots, while the best games were long-term return to the player’s payout percentage of 97-99%.

Misconceptions about online slots

Many myths and rumors surround the online slot machine. Are they programmed to pay at specific times? Do they pay less after a player wins the jackpot? Now let’s look at the misconceptions that characterize most people’s point of view about online slot machines.

  • It’s easy to win at slot machines. – As a general rule, remember that the simpler the casino game, the less likely it is. With their flashing images and apparent ease of play, online slots remain the most profitable source of income for casinos. Why? Firstly, because they do not require any prior knowledge of the game for casual players and two others, because more serious players will often have a round on slot machines to get a slight relief from more pressing issues.
  • The more you play, the more chances you have to win. – Despite what some online casinos might tell you, payments are determined by the software that governs them. In general, odds for slot games are expressed as a percentage – that is, the ratio of the amount of winnings to the amount of winnings. Therefore, closer to 100%, the better it is – some machines even claim to pay more 100%; These are the machines that, if you can find them, will give the players the best game chances available. However, it should be noted how these percentages were calculated.
  • You can not win big money with slot machines. – Obviously, the chances of winning large sums outweigh this rather pessimistic prospect – otherwise, no one would play online slot machines – and this chance can be increased. The percentages of payment are largely determined by the accepted denomination. the higher the maximum number of coins you can play with, the more the payout exchange will be close to 100%.

Comparison of progressive slots v of normal slots

Progressive slots become an increasingly important feature of the game; Bettors use online slot machines and live slot machines to try to get the biggest win possible. And this is their main selling point; they really pay a lot – sometimes as much as several millions.

As expected, regular and progressive slot machines – although often offering the same games, operate on a different payment formula. Standard online slot machines work fairly consistently: you grab your coins, pull the handle, and a computer program determines the outcome. If you lose, your capital is lost until you get into other funds.

However, as the name implies, progressive slots work by siphoning off a certain amount of each coin entered and placing it toward an accumulated jackpot. Such a mechanism means that winning the progressive jackpot – a particular combination previously announced by the casino – is an extremely rare event, but on which extraordinary dividends will be generated. In addition, there are winning combinations of subsidiaries that still yield generous dividends, but which are still unlikely to occur.

When we look at online casinos, the progressive slots here increase each time a player accesses the network. That means it’s not just a person playing the same odds against a single machine, like classic slot machines, but also thousands of people trying to find that winning combination.

As you can imagine, the chances are very heavy against you; jackpots increase as they grow, as more people connect to try to win – this is a cycle that often sees payments being paid astronomical numbers.

This is made even more palpable by the fact that players are often inclined to bet the maximum bets on progressive slots. As the size of the jackpots increases, the capital / yield ratio increases so fast that some players will feed the slot machine in front of them with everything they have.

You will not see this cycle on the usual slots. Here, the winnings are determined by a gaming table, the biggest gain possible on a particular machine being what is called the jackpot. If this jackpot is paid in one rotation, there is still a chance – unlikely but not impossible – that the same amount will be returned to the next turn.