Have you decided to join the hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy online games? You should. It’s interesting, fun, adrenaline rushes, and it can give your funds a boost with a few jackpots. But there is a but! It can be difficult to choose which game to play or which casino to register at. There are bonuses, free spins, multipliers and then there is jargon. Jargon infiltrates almost everywhere, and this is certainly the case in online games. This is where a game guide can be very useful, as it is designed to introduce you to the terminology, as well as clear instructions on how to play the game you are interested in. The Internet is a vast source of information, and you can find a game guide on almost every game you can play in an online casino. Their accuracy depends on the author, his knowledge and interest in the game. You can find game guides from game experts, fans of certain games, and guides in games provided by software developers. Blogs are a popular way to find game guides, and again, they can range from experienced critics to fans. There are also a growing number of review sites that are dedicated to researching not only the games, but the developers and casinos that provide them.

Online Slots

A slot machine game guide should offer its reader a number of specific points. The RTP of the game is important. This is the percentage of return to the player that the slot machine will pay over a given period of time. Why is this important? Because it gives you an idea of what you can expect when it comes to payments from the video slot. The reverse side of the coin is the remaining percentage, known as the edge of the house in table games. Thus, an RTP of 97% has a house edge of 3%. The higher the RTP, the better your return rate over time, so a good game strategy is to choose those above 97% RTP. In addition to introducing you to the type of game you play, 3 reels, 5 reels, fruit slots, classic slots, thematic slots, a good game guide will show you the bonuses and individual features of each online slot machine. It will also tell you if it is a progressive slot machine. Here, a percentage of all bets will be combined from a number of machines or casinos, offering the winner jackpots that will change his life. Another thing a player should know is the volatility of a game, not to be confused with RTP. There are games with low, medium and high volatility and knowledge of what they are can save your bankroll from rapid disappearance.


Want to play Blackjack on your laptop or tablet? Most casinos offer games that are compatible with all mobile devices whether they are Android, IOS or Windows. This is another piece of information that should be clearly indicated in any game guide you are following. Blackjack can be played in many different ways, on slot machines, on tables against the casino, or in live casinos playing against the dealer and other players. While blackjack is a popular and fun game, sometimes known as ’21’, it is also a game of chance. Knowing the odds not only improves your game, but also gives you a better understanding of the game and how to develop a strategy. A game guide should inform you about all these aspects of the game, increasing your enjoyment and winnings. One way to familiarize yourself with any game is to try them for free. Beware of casinos that offer free games on their sites.


Roulette is the game par excellence associated with casinos, the’James Bond’ of the game. A sophisticated and elegant game is also a lot of fun. Like many other online casino games, there is more than one type of roulette. Any game guide you see should clarify differences and similarities to ensure you have a great game experience. In many online and mobile casinos, roulette can be played as a free demo game, using homemade chips. This popular game, once reserved for Monaco, is now playable wherever and whenever you want, on your mobile. Your game guide should indicate not only the casino sign-up bonuses for this game, but also the variations you can find. The variations are mainly due to the distribution of the figures around the wheel and the number of zero pockets. You can find American roulette, European roulette and French roulette, all slightly different, as are the side bets that can be placed when playing online. By playing video roulette, software developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt, among others, give you the opportunity to play at different levels with a variety of betting choices. There is also the possibility of playing side bets and sometimes even for a progressive jackpot. In some variants, you can bet on several wheels at once. Live roulette is becoming more and more popular. This is where you can see a casino, real or in studio, via a webcam. There is also normally a live dealer who controls the game and betting. Read what is expected from live games in your game guide before you start spinning the wheel.


Even non-players have heard of poker, as players and history make it a fascinating game. It is a strategy game and the Internet and shelves are full of’How to play’ instructions. You will find tutorials and tips from professional players and experienced fans, as well as a game guide for each possible strategy.

Poker has rules. The rules you need to understand before you can start playing, whether in online poker slots, tables or in a live casino. A game guide should ensure that you understand the basics before you start saving your money. Like a number of other online games, there are a wide range of variants, from the very popular Texas Hold’em to Stud, Omaha and many others. There are also professional tables, where bets are fierce and players are very experienced. Your poker guide should indicate the best options for new players. The language of poker has been heard many times in television shows and movies, but do you really know what they mean by Stud, community card, wild, split or draw? If you don’t and want to play, you must read the game guide for your favorite poker game. Your guide should also let you know which casino offers free games, where you can learn the tricks of the trade before you commit money. Poker is a difficult and challenging game, but one that is worth the effort. Try the different variants to get an idea of the type of poker you want to play.


A game guide is an essential tool as any player can attest, for example by using the Diablo 3 game guide which allows you to know who all the characters are and what movements to make. Online game guides offer the same support and assistance, ensuring you the best possible gaming experience. They also significantly increase your earning potential because you know more about what you are playing and how to play it better. The game of Baccarat is relatively simple for players. This does not require much skill, as the game is decided by the turn of the cards. The software decides the game, which makes it easy to follow once you know the rules. The game is entertaining and very entertaining, as evidenced by its increased appearance in online casinos. You will find all the game instructions in the online game guide. Punto Banco is the most popular online Baccarat variant. This version makes you play against the dealer to get the best hand, similar in some ways to Blackjack. Little skill is required to play against the dealer as long as you understand the rules of the game guide. However, if you play Railroad or Baccarat Bank, then more skill is needed as you play against other players.

Sports Betting

Betting on sport has a long tradition, from horse racing to cricket. With the advent of online sports betting, the range of sports included has increased. You now see games like baseball and American football, as well as a whole series of sporting events. Changes in the game can be monitored live and there are multiple betting options available. It is essential to know the differences in online sports betting, which makes the game guide absolutely essential.

Online Gambling

Playing online casinos is a great experience and can be made even better when you know what it is and understand the language around it. A gambling guide is an excellent way to find your way around an online casino. Learn not only the rules of the game and strategy suggestions, but also which casino offers free spins and other great bonuses. Find the best games to play on your mobile devices and stay informed about everything that’s happening in the gaming world. Aboutslots is the site that offers you an overview of games, players, casinos and software developers. Everything related to gaming can be found here, ensuring that your online experience, from slot machines to live casino games, is the best possible. Here you will find any game guide you need to help you improve your game, win and have fun.