If you tried a superpower, which one would you choose? Some would choose the invincibility of Superman, others would invite the stealth of Batman. But rest assured, the number of people seeking the freewheeling ability in time and space as they please will always be high and powerful. If only it were possible, however!

But keep your sighs scornful, because we have a niche that can help you live the charms of yesteryear, simply by forcing you through wormholes, in a time when being a gentleman was a trivial matter! Say hello to “Time Treasures”, a 2BY2 time travel themed slot machine that will surely guarantee you to help you beat the blues from Monday to Friday – anytime!

Time is money, it has become a cliché now, but we can not help mentioning it here, just because that’s all Time Treasures means!

Theme and apart, Time Treasures is a pretty basic slot machine with 5 reels and 30 paylines. The reels carry 3 lines each, while the paylines are all fixed. In most 2BY2 slot machines, the betting system is consistent with one coin per line and per spin. That leaves us 30 coins in total that you can bet for a given turn. What’s more interesting to know is that coins can be valued between 20 cents and $ 2, which means that the maximum cash value you can put into play per spin here is $ 60!

High and marginal rollers, roll your sleeves and make yourself turn! It will soon be raining coins …

Time Treasures, to stay in step with the times (as ironic as it sounds), is doing its best to offer slot machine fans much needed entertainment with eccentric symbols and appropriate sound effects.

The best in this group are the “gentlemen” – typical British gentlemen, dressed for the occasion, from the hat to the monocle, through the chillum and chained timepiece. To fill the quorum, we have four sets of cards, all bright and rhythmic, as if to arouse the curiosity of the players.

And they actually arouse, especially when some sweet combinations are hit! As a general rule, for combinations of five of their kind, the normal symbols of the base game can help you place anywhere between 80 points and 600 pieces to crack.

Imagine this scenario: you bet the biggest coin, $ 2, and you find yourself as the lucky sheep of the flock! It’s $ 1,200 for the catch, on the spot and there. Do not tell us you’re not excited!

Because, soon, it will have to give way to a pure and boundless exaltation! Time Treasures has a solitary nature (the logo of the slot) which, for five types of combinations, allows to win an impressive victory of 3,000 pieces, not to mention its power of substitution.

2BY2 Gaming has the curious practice of making its scatter symbols bonuses. This is very good for us – we do not mind calling them “Oscars”, as long as they do their job! Let’s see what it means …

The first bonus symbol of Time Treasures is a strange time machine that appears scattered on reels 1, 3 and 5. A minimum of 3 of these machines triggers the special Back in Time series, it’s just fantastic, WOW !

Here’s why: Time Lapse allows you to teleport to 3 mythical locations, and if you manage to recover an artifact from each of them, your base game winnings are immediately multiplied by 50.

The second bonus symbol is a bright purple crystal. In a given rotation, if 3, 4 or 5 of these crystals appear anywhere on the screen, you can immediately play 10, 15 or 20 free spins. We knew that time travel was very hot, but damn it’s really hot heat!

Time Treasures is a slot machine that is a welcome change from all those cheap slot machines. It’s an ideal choice for newcomers and veterans, pioneers and big players!

The bonus rounds are exciting to say the least, but we would surely have liked to see a flat multiplier in the wild. However, aside from that, we will be recommending Time Treasures to slot machines. If you want to discover another 2BY2 Gaming title, try our article on James Win.