Everyone knows the story of the little doll boy who became a real boy with the help of his human master. Pinocchio is the favorite fairy tale of millions of children around the world. Those of us who grew up hearing the story are certainly crazy as adults as 2BY2 Gaming has produced a video slot machine inspired by the popular character.

The Pinocchio’s Fortune game is a slot machine entirely inspired by the famous cartoons and tales of Pinocchio and Gepetto, with symbols and features bringing all players back to a simpler time of their childhood.

On the audiovisual side, Pinocchio’s Fortune is a somewhat old-fashioned slot machine. Simplistic but cute graphics and animations try to recreate the characters and elements of the amazing cartoons. The symbols of Gepetto and Pinocchio are particularly well-crafted, while others might do with a bit of polishing.

The sounds in Pinocchio’s Fortune are few and the ones on them are reminiscent of the cartoons we could watch on television in the ’70s and’ 80s. Overall, the slot machine can not really compare to modern editions of some other software developers, but the character’s fans will always love the game.

Pinocchio’s Fortune is a 30-payline slot machine played on five reels. The game includes stacked wild symbols and several other game features, including the Pinocchio Nose bonus (free spins), the Gepetto bonus (throw and win) and the Puppet bonus (choose and win). The numerous bonus games and the possibilities to win basic games on 30 paylines make Pinocchio’s Fortune a fun and lucrative game that pays well and does not ruin the player’s money at all.