Take everything you know about fruit machines and forget about it. Normally, when you play a fruit-themed slot machine, you experience the same type of fruit and similar bonus features – but that’s not the case with Quickspin’s Durian Dynamite. This game presents the famous durian fruit – a spicy product that is known for its strong smell and large size.

Durian is a pretty interesting fruit, actually. It is actually known as one of the most fragrant fruits and there are even myths that eating it could kill you. However, the fruit is very nutritious, as its high potassium content is excellent for energy levels and can help anxious people. However, the smell of the fruit has led to its ban in some countries because it smells of “turpentine and onions, garnished with a sports sock”.

Durian Dynamite has 20 paylines with fixed bets. A wide range of bets is also available, from 20p to €100. The default bet for the game is €1, but you can easily change it using the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Durian Dynamite’s RTP (return to player) is 96.22%. This payout percentage refers to the amount of money players can claim for every €100 they wager. It is also a game with high volatility, which means that players can win very large prizes. However, they will occur less frequently than they would in a small or medium variance niche.

Land three or more matching symbols on a payline to trigger payouts while playing Durian Dynamite slots. The first prize available is the durian fruit, which rewards players with a prize worth 25x their stake.

Next to the scrolls, there is a store of wild durian fruit symbols. Each time you place a wild durian symbol, the fruits of the reserve will be tossed on the reels in random positions. If a durian lands on another savage, it will split into two wilds and the chain reaction will continue.

When you get three bonus symbols, you will be redirected to free spins. Originally, you will receive 6 free spins, but the Bonus Picker function is activated. Here you will have three choices for the chance to win additional or more jokers of stored durian fruit.